FDA warns of investigation of acute non-viral hepatitis illness linked to “Real Water” brand alkaline water

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The consumption of “Real Water” brand alkaline water is the only common link identified among all of these cases to date. This brand of alkaline water is owned by Real Water Inc., headquartered in Mesa, Arizona. 
Although the investigation is ongoing, epidemiologic information currently indicates that this alkaline water product may be the cause of the illnesses. “Ventura County is one of those few places in the nation where this product is sold. Please do not use any more of this product if you have any,” said Doctor Robert Levin, Public Health Officer. “See a physician if you begin to develop any of the symptoms of hepatitis, the most typical of which are dark urine, light colored stool and yellow eyes.” 
FDA is in the beginning stages of this investigation, and there may be additional products connected to this outbreak. FDA has initiated an investigation at the firm. 
As this outbreak investigation continues, the FDA will provide additional updates to this advisory as more information becomes available. 

Consumers, restaurants, and retailers should not drink, cook with, sell, or serve “Real Water” alkaline water, until more information is known about the cause of the illnesses. These products include but are not limited to 5-gallon containers (sold through home delivery/subscription), bottles (sold on-line and in stores), and the “Real Water” concentrate (sold on-line). 
The 5-gallon containers are delivered to homes in Ventura and Santa Barbara, CA through Real Water Gold Coast. Additionally, according to the firm’s website, Real Water is sold in 1 gallon, 500 mL (16.9oz.), 1 liter, and 1.5-liter plastic bottles and in a 750 mL glass bottle. 
Symptoms of all types of hepatitis, including non-viral hepatitis, are similar and can include fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dark urine, clay or gray-colored bowel movements, joint pain, yellow eyes, and jaundice. Those experiencing these symptoms should contact their doctor. 

Who to Contact 
Consumers who have symptoms should contact their health care provider to report their symptoms and receive care. To report a complaint or adverse event (illness or serious allergic reaction) please call the FDA Consumer Complaint Coordinator at 949-608-3530. More information at


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